Look great & feel fabulous in a bikini
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Plus size retro bikini makes you look beautiful!

From pinup models like Bettie Page to the original Barbie doll, the retro bikini has always made a bold statement. It maximized curves and highlights femininity in a way that few other bathing suits have been able to capture. A bikini is a must-have when it comes to swimming in the ocean or heading down to the local pool during those hot summer months.

Plus size retro bikini - Bettie Page

Plus size retro bikini – Bettie Page

Plus size retro bikini for your every curve

The retro style comes back into fashion every few years for several reasons. With an often-scrunched top, it’s flattering for chests of all sizes. Halter bikinis are especially supportive for women with larger bosoms, and they’re more common with retro styles than with modern bikinis, which often have spaghetti straps. Adjustable halter tops also allow women to show as little or as much cleavage as they desire when sunbathing or taking a swim at the beach. Bikini bottoms may offer modest full coverage and a higher rise as the natural waist, which makes many women feel more comfortable when wearing them.
Plus size retro bikini - Halter top

Plus size retro bikini – Halter top


Plus size retro bikini is the right choice!

The plus size retro bikini is often more flattering to women with curves than traditional bikinis because of this cut. Bows and ruffles add to the feminine appeal of these swimming suits. Women can show their personal style by opting for a skirt instead of panties, while contoured and lined cups provide support while tying the entire look together.

Panels along the side and waist of a plus size retro bikini can help to flatten unflattering bulges and provide smooth lines. The high waists of this style of bathing suit is especially attractive in someone who wants to minimize flesh around the tummy and abs, but it looks just as attractive on a thinner woman. One of the benefits of a retro swimsuit is that it’s perfect no matter a woman’s proportions. Marilyn Monroe, whose iconic white bathing suit utilized many of characteristics of retro swimwear, wore many bikinis that represent the aesthetic appeal that’s become popular once again.

Plus size retro bikini – mix and match

It’s not just the cut of these bikinis. Patterns can also lend to the vintage air of these swimming suits. Polka dots were especially common in the 1950s and ’60s, and contemporary designs that mimic this look frequently incorporate this pattern. Animal prints are also popular with this style of swimwear, and this throws back to the styles that were popular fifty or more years ago. A plus size retro bikini may also elude to pinups by incorporating designs such as buttons in contrasting colors that evoke imagery of a sailor’s uniform. Repeating patterns like cherries pay homage to models.

A plus size retro bikini is also available in solid colors. Reds, blues and black are common colors of plus size retro bikini. Consumers can often mix and match colors with retro suits, and the wider cuts looks fantastic when wearers choose complementary or contrasting colors for the two pieces of their bikinis. For example, pairing navy blue and stripes are especially common because they follow the nautical theme. Similarly black and white striped tops with red bottoms might be one available option that makes a statement without trying too hard.

Plus size retro bikini - Navy&Red

Plus size retro bikini – Navy&Red

Whether it’s worn during a dip in a cool lake or a photo shoot, the retro bikini will never go out of style!

  • sandra September 15, 2013, 7:33 AM

    I wish Spanish women could buy your bikinis.
    congratulations from Spain

  • Kim Baker October 25, 2013, 3:58 AM

    Thank you, Sandra! I am so glad you like the site. Thank you for the comment and have a great weekend!

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