Look great & feel fabulous in a bikini
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Bettie Page Clothing – Everlasting Inspiration

Winter is not typically the most fashionable time of year. Stylish outfits are covered by heavy, shapeless coats most of the time, and ensembles tend to favor warmth over aesthetics. Women are forced to forgo showing their legs and cleavage. Thick fabrics make slinky silhouettes look cumbersome. Figuring out how to look feminine during cold spells can be quite difficult.

One way to maintain a womanly appearance in cold weather is to incorporate items from Bettie Page Clothing into one’s wardrobe. Inspired by the pin-up icon, this shop specializes in retro glamor.

Bettie Page Clothing

Bettie Page Clothing

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Pin Up Hairstyles – Little tricks and tips

Pin up hairstyles are popular and fun and there are many hairstyles that you can choose from. You can also throw in some color. You can do victory rolls as well. Just use your imagination! Here are some pin up hairstyles that are easy to achieve:

Pin up bandana hairstyle

Bandana wear is simple. It is easy to achieve it. The pin up hairstyles with bandanas are very famous. It is gaining great popularity these days. You can wear it with anything. This pin up hairstyle can be worn with a dress or shirt and pants. This is one of the pin up hairstyles that can be worn to the beach as well. This hairstyle can be classy, too. You can simply pin it up depending on what fabric and color you select to wear with it.

Pin Up Hairstyles - Bandana

Pin Up Hairstyles – Bandana

When you wear one of these pin up hairstyles, the front and top of your hair should have a nice wave. You can be subtle with it or you can generate the mood for you for the whole night out. Try to make the wave stand out to get people to notice your cool hairstyle. 

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50s dresses – History and Evolution

The trajectory of fashion from the 1800s to today has seen many phases. One of the more interesting time periods is the 1950s, which has always remained popular for those inclined toward retro dressing. For the most part, fashion in the 1950s saw the return of French haute couture. Take for example, the 50s dresses.


The start of what became the “New Look” in dress fashion is said to have begun in 1947 by Christian Dior. This pertained to full skirts, below mid calf lengths (15 to 17 inches off the ground), a small waistline, pointed bust and rounded shoulders. This look for dresses became popular after WWII. At first not well received by Americans, the style quickly became a new trend thanks to popular fashion magazines such as Vogue.

Christian Dior - 50s dresses

Christian Dior – 50s dresses

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Vintage Clothing for Those Colder Months

Vintage clothing can make you feel like you just stepped off the set of Mad Men or your favorite Katherine Hepburn film. As much as you love rocking those slim pencil skirts and halter tops during the warmer months, once winter arrives, you might find yourself feeling a little out of sorts. Don’t use winter as an excuse to stop yourself from wearing the vintage pieces that you want to wear. Just find out which pieces will keep you warm and make you look your best.

Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing

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Vintage Accessories – Five Must-Haves for Winter

Men who love women in pin up girl fashions sigh when winter arrives, and women who love those fashions feel the same way. They assume that the ice on the city streets and the cold temperatures means an end to little cap sleeves, pencil skirts, heels and all the other clothing that they love. With the right vintage accessories, you can wear your pin up girl clothing during those colder months or dress up modern fashions.

Vintage Accessories - Winter Fashion

Vintage Accessories – Winter Fashion

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Help to Make MyHighWaistBikini Better for You

Looking for Feedback for MyHighWaistBikiniDear Reader,

Happy Holidays from us here at MyHighWaistBikini! While it’s wintertime in the northern hemisphere, we’re always thinking about bikinis and warm weather.

We need your help to serve you better

The picture on the left is a little tongue-in-cheek; we want constructive feedback, both compliments and what we can do better. We created this site because we felt there weren’t any truly informative blogs and sites around the high waist bikini. This site is for you and we need your help to deliver the type of content you want and need. We’re exploring different directions to take the site in and are looking for feedback from you.

Can you let us know what you would like to see more of on the site? You can either leave a comment below or send me an email at kim[at]myhighwaistbikini.com

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– Any other ways we can make the content and the website better for you.

Based on your feedback we will work extremely hard to make them come true. If you contact us by email, we will only use the email for feedback purposes. Don’t worry, we’re nice. Today and always the website is here for you and we need your help to serve you better.

Once again, feel free to either leave a comment below or send me an email at kim[at]myhighwaistbikini.com

You have my eternal and sincere gratitude,

Kim Baker

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Vintage Jewelry Is The Perfect Accessory Choice

Vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry

The newest fashion trend today is a combination of glamour with vintage inspired flair. High waist bikini swimsuits have become the rage and are being embraced by women now more than ever before. They showcase glamour without being overly showy. Showing a bit of skin is fine, but showing only a little and no more makes an even more dramatic fashion statement. Pairing the high waist bikini look with vintage accessories gives an effect that is both glamorous and stunning.

Imagine sitting at a cozy beach-side bar in a high waist swimsuit and retro inspired sun hat, while wearing bright red lipstick and a stunning white smile. This totally put together look makes you look absolutely fabulous, in a 1950s pin-up girl kind of way. Then imagine bold, bright, sophisticated vintage jewelry sparkling in the brilliant sunshine.

This combination creates an aura of mystery, elegance and shows outstanding taste and fashion sensibility. The smartest fashionistas know exactly how to creatively pair accessory items with flair. They know the wisdom of showing off their good sense of the dramatic, while following today’s trend of stylized vintage elegance.

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Pin Up Girl Clothing – The New Trends at the Beach You Must See

We know you don’t want to look like an average girl in a bikini on the beach. You want to be a beach babe in the grand tradition of beauties like Betty Page, Betty Grable, and Marilyn Monroe. Pulling off the look of pin up girl clothing properly requires careful consideration and absolute dedication. You are positioning yourself as a style icon. You absolutely need to learn about the latest rules for wearing pin up style to the beach. Do you think you know all there is to know about looking like a bikini goddess at the beach? Think again. Get ready to learn about the new direction of pin up girl clothing.

Betty Grable - Pin Up Clothing

Betty Grable

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Plus size retro bikini makes you look beautiful!

From pinup models like Bettie Page to the original Barbie doll, the retro bikini has always made a bold statement. It maximized curves and highlights femininity in a way that few other bathing suits have been able to capture. A bikini is a must-have when it comes to swimming in the ocean or heading down to the local pool during those hot summer months.

Plus size retro bikini - Bettie Page

Plus size retro bikini – Bettie Page

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5 Ways to Make Curvy Girl Bikinis Look Fabulous

The only thing more intimidating than debuting a new swimsuit on the beach is stepping out in a swimsuit that doesn’t compliment your figure. Perfect curvy girl bikinis can be hard to find but… There’s no reason to be insecure – these five tips will help inspire confidence in your swimsuit.

5 Must Do’s for Curvy Girl Bikinis

Curvy girl bikinis - black

Curvy girl bikinis – black

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